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vendredi 2 mai 2014

Mulhouse, bonsai world capital from 2nd to 12th October 2014

2010: unparalleled success in Europe
The Parc Expo and the City of Mulhouse organise every year the large flower show "Folie’flore"; Alain Baraton, head gardener at the national estate of Versailles, said it was the most creative one in France.
Every 4 years, Folie’flore is enriched by the "Bonsai Euro Top 30" event, which presents the 30 most beautiful bonsai trees of Europe.
The first edition in 2010 had been a resounding success: 135,000 visitors over 10 days and more than 15,000 during the conference which took place on the last weekend.
The conditions for the exhibits were exceptional: every tree had its own alcove with dynamic lighting that replicated the path of the sun from sunrise to sunset. The exhibition gave rise to a buzz on the net and even today still, the videos are watched by about 1,000 people per month.
The conference had presented a dozen international exhibitors and was the subject of a book publication at LR Press.

2nd to 12th October 2014: A Global Event
The event of 2014 will be incommensurate with the first edition: an even more exceptional program, even more sophisticated exhibition conditions and a surprise...

The program:
• 2nd October, in the afternoon:
Creation of a large "Forest of Peace" with five exhibitors representing the five continents: Tohru Suzuki (Japan), Milagros Rauber (Venezuela), Lindsay Muirhead (New Zealand), Charles Ceronio (South Africa), Enzo Ferrari (Switzerland).
• Saturday, 4th October from 10 a.m. till 9:00 p.m.
Individual exhibitions by the five international exhibitors.
• Saturday, 11th October and Sunday, 12th October
Individual exhibitions by European exhibitors. Confirmed to date are: Enzo Ferrari, Jorge Campos, Luis Balino, Paul and Lydie Buedts, Jean-François Busquet.

The exhibition from 2nd to 12th October
The selection of trees to be exhibited has been made by Tohru Suzuki, an additional guarantee of quality. Of particular note, inaddition to the award
winning trees in the European exhibitions, the presence of an exceptional bonsai selected for the Kokufu ten, a selection of boxwoods several centuries old.
The French bonsai federation is heavily involved in the show and will present the 10 most beautiful bonsai forests of France.
The exhibition is organised under the patronage of the WBFF (World Bonsai Friendship Federation).

"Forest of Peace"?
This great bonsai forest consisting of some twenty spruces will be created during a show combining different art forms. Why a "Forest of Peace"? To commemorate the centennial of the 1914-18 war and because Saburo Kato, the most famous Japanese master, founder of the WBFF, sadly deceased, used to begin all his speeches with the phrase: "World peace through bonsai". This tradition has continued ever since.

Prizes awarded
Several awards will be presented at the show: City of Mulhouse Prize for the most beautiful bonsai of Europe, awarded by Tohru Suzuki, the "Spirit of Bonsaï" Prize, awarded by the magazine editor Michèle Corbihan, Prize for the most beautiful deadwood, awarded byFrançois Jeker.

Accessible to all
The entry ticket costs only 7€ per day and givesaccess to the Folie’Flore, the Bonsai Euro Top 30 exhibition, all exhibitions and conferences.
On site, there are many good quality places to eat and drink at varying prices and at any time.
The exhibition takes place at the Parc Expo, 120 rue Lefèvre, 68100 Mulhouse, which has a huge, free parking area.
You can access it easily: The A36 motorway is 3 minutes away, the TGV station 5 minutes, Basel-Mulhouse-Freiburg International Airport 25 minutes.
For the event you can benefit from an exceptional offer of accommodation, pay for one night, get one free, at the following hotels:
- Ibis Centre Gare, jennifer.billig@arcadex.fr

- Best Western, Hôtel de la Bourse, bourse.hotel@gmail.com

- Holiday Inn, sandra.imhof@holidayinn-mulhouse.fr

The Kyriad Hotel is offering a special discount on these prices: kyriad@hotel-mulhouse.com

If you contact one of these hotels, request the special offer: "Journées d’Octobre. Bonsaï – Folie’flore"».

The detailed program will be distributed in a few weeks.

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